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Brigid Keely

It's September in our hearts, always September.


Really I'm only here to park this name, the one I use across the web.

But also I'm here because I'm old, and I'm nostalgic, and I cut my teeth on geocities back when it had neighborhoods and people tried to get web addresses close to each other. Like, I forget if it was a list or a map or what but there were neighborhoods like "SciFi" and "Horror" and maybe "Sports" or something, different genres, and numerical addresses.

The internet used to be a pretty wild place! It was still taking form, it was still coming into being. It could look so much different now if small changes we can't even remember being options had become more popular.

Where Can You Find Me?
About Me: Basics

I'm Fat, Fair, and Forty as my surgeon pointed out when my gallbladder tried to kill me. After it was excised it got revenge, though, sending me back to the hospital a week later with the agony of a retained stone. Then I developed a hematoma. I'm very glad I was a stay at home parent during that time, I would have been fired for excessive absences. I'm bisexual and bipolar and wish I had another "b" word that described me. Please don't say "bitch," I'm too whiny for that. I live in Chicago and have 1 husband and 1 kid.

But Wait! There's More.

I write some and I draw some and sometimes I share those on social media - mostly Bluesky.

The Kid

It's possible that you have a kid, or kids. You may think that your kids are the best kids in the world.

That is incorrect. My child is the best child in the world. I'm sorry to say that your kid(s) come in, at BEST, second place.